Amrit Bharat Station Scheme

The Union Ministry Of Railways has launched an Amrit Bharat Station Scheme to modernize railway stations across India.


What are the objectives of the Amrit Bharat Station Scheme?


The Amrit Bharat Station Scheme has several broad objectives. These are:


1. The preparation and implementation of master plans for railway stations to enhance the facilities beyond the minimum essential amenities and create roof plazas and city centers at the station premises in the long term.


2. Meet the needs of all stakeholders based on funding availability and inter-priority.


3. The scheme will cater to the upgradation and replacement of existing amenities as well as the introduction of new amenities.


4. It will cover stations that have undergone detailed techno-economic feasibility studies. However, the roof plazas in these stations will not be constructed in the near term as the reallocation of structures and utilities is given higher priority.


5. The scheme will be implemented based on the needs and patronage of the railway stations. Infrastructural development will be ensured for more than 1.000 stations under this scheme.


What is the scope of work under this scheme?




Under this scheme, high-level platforms will be delivered for all categories of railway stations. Drainage facilities will be improved on these platforms, including drains with aesthetically designed theft-resistant covers.


Internet Connectivity:


Users of the railway stations will be provided with free Wi-Fi access. The master plan also covers the 5G tower erections.


Multi-design furniture:


The existing furniture in waiting rooms, platforms, retiring rooms, and offices will be reviewed. If the necessity occurs, the furniture will be replaced to make it more comfortable and durable.




The railway stations will have amenities to support the needs of Divyangjan. A sufficient number of toilets will be provided at all categories of stations for the Divyangjan. These toilets will be made in a way that they are easily visible, and accessible.




Efforts will be made to gradually shift to sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions based on the availability of funding and the conditions of the existing assets.


Enhancing User Experience:


Attempts will be made to club different types of waiting halls, providing better cafeterias and retail facilities in the railway stations. Well-Planned parking areas, properly designed signage, improved lightning, removal of unwanted structures, and other such efforts will be taken to improve the experience of railway station users. Elements such as improved landscaping, green patches, and local art and culture will be used to further create a pleasant experience for the users.



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