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Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Show Is About The Opinion Of The Public. Viewers Will Have To Guess The Right Choice Of The Public By Selecting The Right Option. Flipkart Conducted A Survey On Its Platform To Determine The Percentage Of People Who Agree/Disagree To A Particular Question. Right Answers Will Be As Per The Survey Results. The Host Of The Show, RJ Anmol Will Ask 3 Questions In Each Episode, The User Will Be Given 2 Options To Choose From. Users Will Have To Select The Right Option In Order To Get The Correct Answer. You Are Eligible To Win A Reward If You Score All 3 Correct Answers In The Episode.


flipkart kya bolti public quiz answers today


The Contest Kya Bolti Public Will Commence At 00:00 hrs on 10th September 2021. All Users Who Get All 6 Questions Right Will Be Declared As Winners. Rewards Will Consist Of Either Flipkart Gift Voucher, Free Electronics Product At ₹1 From Flipkart, CoinDCX Bitcoins Upto ₹150, Or SuperCoins.


The Results Will Be Available To The Users Who Have Completed The Quiz, On The My Rewards Section Of The Page After Completing The Episode.




Flipkart Kya Bolti Public Quiz Answers Today 13 November 2021 ( Season 4 )


Episode 65 – Football Vs Cricket – 13 November 2021 – Last Episode


Q1) What Type Of Partner Do You Prefer?


Answer: (A) Intelligent


Q2) Which Sport Do People Prefer To Watch?


Answer: (B) Cricket


Q3) Which Drink Tastes Better?


Answer: (B) Coca Cola





Episode 64 – iPhone: Essential ya Luxury? – 12 November 2021


Q1) How Many People Read Newspaper every day?


Answer: (B) 70% – 80%


Q2) Which Mask Do People Prefer?


Answer: (B) Stylish


Q3) Do People Think That Owning A iPhone Is Luxury?


Answer: (A) Yes





Episode 63 – Hottie: Nora Ya Malaika? – 11 November 2021


Q1) Who Do People Think Is A Better Dancer?


Answer: (A) Nora F


Q2) Which Side Of Family Do People Like More?


Answer: (B) Maternal


Q3) Should Children Below 8 Have Access To Mobile Phones?


Answer: (B) No





Episode 62 – Joint ya Nuclear Family – 10 November 2021


Q1) What Do People Think Are 2000 Rupee Notes Are Of Any Use?


Answer: (A) Yes


Q2) What Percentage Of People Prefer Living With Their Parents?


Answer: (A) 80% – 90%


Q3) Who Do People Follow More On Social Media?


Answer: (B) Influencers





Episode 61 – Ladakh ya Goa Trip? – 9 November 2021


Q1) Where Would People Prefer To Go On A Vacation?


Answer: (B) Goa


Q2) What Kind Of Coffee Do People Prefer To Drink?


Answer: (A) Hot


Q3) Can People Who Have Taken Both The Vaccines Avoid Wearing Masks?


Answer: (B) No





Episode 60 – IPL ya T20I? – 8 November 2021


Q1) What Do People Prefer Traditional Watches Or SmartWatches?


Answer: (B) Option 2


Q2) What Do People Prefer Watching T20 or IPL?


Answer: (B) IPL


Q3) What Percentage Of People Play The New Version Of PUBG?


Answer: (B) 30% – 40%





Episode 57 – Gossip Sunogay?


Q1) Are People Scared Of Darkness?


Answer: (B) No


Q2) What % Of People Can Fall Asleep Anywhere?


Answer: (A) 50% – 60%


Q3) Who Do People Gossip More With?


Answer: (A) Colleagues





Episode 55 – Wired Ya Wireless Earphones – 3 October 2021


Q1) What Kind Of Earphones Do People Prefer?


Answer: (B) Wireless


Q2) Do People Think Bullet Trains Are A Waste Of Money?


Answer: (B) No


Q3) Do People Think Cigarette Smoking Should Be Completely Banned In India?


Answer: (A) Yes





Episode 54 – Guitar Ya Piano? – 2 November 2021


Q1) Which Is A Better Instrument To Play?


Answer: (A) Guitar


Q2) What Do People Prefer Having For Breakfast?


Answer: (B) Paratha


Q3) What Type Of Friend Do People Prefer More?


Answer: (A) Loyal Friend





Episode 53 – Versace Vs Vogue? – 1 November 2021


Q1) Who Is Better Dancer?


Answer: (B) Hrithik Roshan


Q2) Who’s Poetry Do People Prefer To Listen?


Answer: (B) Javed Akhtar


Q3) What Percent Of People Have Had A Crush On Their Boss?


Answer: (B) 30% – 40%





Episode 52 – Tiger Vs Greek God – 31 October 2021


Q1) Which Era Do People Like More?


Answer: (A) 90’s


Q2) What Clothes Do People Prefer To Wear?


Answer: (A) Colourful Shades


Q3) What Percent Of People Think That Girls Should Change Their Surnames Post Marriage?


Answer: (A) 20% – 30%





Episode 51 – Road Trip: Bike Vs Car – 30 October 2021


Q1) What Percent Of Boys Like Girls With Long Hair?


Answer: (A) 70% – 80%


Q2) Which SRK Movie Do People Like More?


Answer: (B) Kuch Kuch Hota Hai


Q3) How Do People Prefer To Travel In The Mountains?


Answer: (A) Bike Ride





Episode 50 – Walk: Morning ya Evening? – 29 October 2021


Q1) What Time Of The Day Do People Prefer To Go For A Walk?


Answer: (B) Evening


Q2) Who Do You Think Is A Better Bollywood Father?


Answer: (A) Shah Rukh Khan


Q3) What Percent Of People Take Home Hotel Toiletries At The Time Of Checkout?


Answer: (A) 60% – 70%





Episode 49 – B-Town Power Couple – 28 October 2021


Q1) What Do People Prefer?


Answer: (A) Live DJ


Q2) Do You Think The Statue Of Unity In Gujarat Is A Waste Of Money?


Answer: (B) No


Q3) Which Bollywood Couple Complement Each Other Better?


Answer: (A) Ranbir-Alia





Episode 48 – Bollywood Masala – 27 October 2021


Q1) Have You Ever Gotten Fired From A Job?


Answer: (A) No


Q2) What Percent Of People Have Been Victims Of Office Politics?


Answer: (A) 80% – 90%


Q3) Which Devar-Bhabhi Bollywood Jodi Do You Like?


Answer: (A) Anil Kapoor – Sridevi





Episode 47 – Grocery: Online ya Offline? – 26 October 2021


Q1) How Do You Shop For Your Grocery?


Answer: (A) Online Shopping


Q2) Do You Play Along Quiz Shows That Air On TV?


Answer: (A) Yes


Q3) What Do People Like More?


Answer: (B) Palak Paneer





Episode 46 – Landline: Yes or No? – 25 October 2021


Q1) Are You Superstitious About A Black Cat Crossing Your Path?


Answer: (A) No


Q2) What Percent Of People Remove Their Shoes Before Entering Their House?


Answer: (A) 60% – 70%


Q3) Do You Still Have A Landline Phone?


Answer: (B) No





Episode 45 – Losing: Phone ya Keys? – 24 October 2021


Q1) What Are Most Likely To Lose?


Answer: (B) Keys


Q2) What Percent Of People Can Read Devnagri Script?


Answer: (B) 70% – 80%


Q3) Should Government Make Sanitary Pads Free Of Cost?


Answer: (A) Yes





Episode 44 – Schools: Haan ya Na? – 23 October 2021


Q1) How Many Times Do You Brush Your Teeth?


Answer: (B) Twice A Day


Q2) Should Schools Be Fully Opened For Kids Now?


Answer: (A) Yes


Q3) Can Indian Cook International Dishes?


Answer: (A) Yes





Episode 43 – Bachchans ya Kapoors? – 22 October 2021


Q1) What Would You Rather See?


Answer: (A) Your Own Future


Q2) How Do You Prefer Sleeping?


Answer: (A) On Your Back


Q3) Who Would You Rather Go To Dinner With?


Answer: (B) The Kapoors





Episode 42 – Garden ya Balcony? – 21 October 2021


Q1) What Percent OF People Buy Ayurvedic Medicine?


Answer: (B) 40% – 50%


Q2) What Is A Must-Have In Your Dream House?


Answer: (B) Balcony With A View


Q3) What Do People Prefer To Give As A Wedding Gift?


Answer: (B) Cash





Episode 41 – Proposal: Taj ya Eiffel? – 20 October 2021


Q1) Have You Ever Had A Crush On Your Teacher?


Answer: (B) No


Q2) What Percent Of People Can Speak More Than 3 Language?


Answer: (B) 50% – 60%


Q3) Which Would Be Your Dream Proposal Place?


Answer: (B) Eiffel Tower





Episode 38 – Kohli ya Dhoni?


Q1) Who Is Your Favourite Comedian?


Answer: (B) Kapil Sharma


Q2) Who Is Your All Time Favourite Indian Cricketer?


Answer: (B) MS Dhoni


Q3) Are You Satisfied With Your Current Monthly Salary?


Answer: (B) No





Episode 37 – Mountains ya Beaches? – 16 October 2021


Q1) Do People Pass On Their Gifts To Others?


Answer: (A) Yes


Q2) What Is More Likely To Make You Laugh?


Answer: (A) Jokes


Q3) What Percent Of People Would Like To Build A House In The Mountains?


Answer: (A) 40% – 50%





Episode 36 – Horror Movies: Haan ya Nah? – 15 October 2021


Q1) Do People Chew Nails?


Answer: (A) Yes


Q2) Which Kind Of Pizza Do People Prefer To Eat?


Answer: (A) Margherita Pizza


Q3) What Percent Of People Are Not Afraid To Watch Horror Movies?


Answer: (A) 70% – 80%





Episode 35 – Bollywood ya Cricket? – 14 October 2021


Q1) What Percent Of People Hate Taking Selfie?


Answer: (A) 50% – 60%


Q2) Who Do People Find Funnier?


Answer: (A) Zakir Khan


Q3) Is Cricket Bigger Than Bollywood In India?


Answer: (A) Yes





Episode 34 – Love ya Arrange Marriage – 13 October 2021


Q1) What Percent Of People Like Monsoon?


Answer: (A) 60% – 70%


Q2) Who Is A Bigger Star?


Answer: (A) Kiara Advani


Q3) What Do People Prefer?


Answer: (B) Love Marriage





Episode 33 – WFH: Yes ya No? – 12 October 2021


Q1) Do People Prefer Working From Home?


Answer: (B) Yes


Q2) Where Do People Prefer Watching Shows?


Answer: (B) TV


Q3) What Percent Of People Fake Their Age?


Answer: (A) 70% – 80%





Episode 32 – Swimming Ya Cycling – 11 October 2021


Q1) What Exercise Do People Prefer?


Answer: (B) Cycling


Q2) What Percent People Fast For Spiritual Reasons?


Answer: (B) 60% – 70%


Q3) Which Store Are You Likely To Enter?


Answer: (A) All Items At 500/-





Episode 31 – Sunrise Ya Sunset? – 10 October 2021


Q1) Which One Do People Prefer?


Answer: (A) Sunrise


Q2) What Percent OF People Believe That Green Tea Can Help You Lose Weight?


Answer: (B) 70% – 80%


Q3) Do People Put Their Shopping Plans On Hold To Shop At A Sale?


Answer: (A) Yes





Episode 30: Shopping: Han Ya Nah? – 9 October 2021


Q1) What Does Food Taste Better With?


Answer: (A) Ghee


Q2) What Percentage Of People Share Their Things With Others?


Answer: (A) 70% – 80%


Q3) Have People Already Shopped From The Big Billion Days Sale?


Answer: (A) Yes


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